Tennessee Driver License Custom Pet ID Tag and Wallet Card

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Our pet driver license tag look like the real thing.

This fun and eye-catching novelty tag is sure to get your pet a lot of attention and looks.

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Available as ID tag, wallet card and/or luggage tag.

Driver License dog ID tags and cat pet tags are for novelty purposes only. We only accept orders for pets, not humans.

  • Wallet cards are made of pvc, measuring 3.37″ x 2.125″ x 0.03″, printed on one side
  • ID tags are made of aluminum, measuring 1.77” x 1.1” x 0.04”, printed on both sides (the same thing is printed on both sides). Our premium double coated tags are heavier, thicker, and much more durable. There are no exposed edges as the entire tag is coated, which means they are anti-chip and anti-scratch in everyday use.
  • Luggage tags are made of pvc, measuring 3.37″ x 2.125″ x 0.03″, printed on both sides. A slot hole is punched near the top, and a leather strap is included.

Your tag will be mailed to you within 10 business days but usually, much faster.

Free shipping is via USPS First Class Mail, and can take 3-10 business days.

  1. Bobby

    Fun and hilarious ID tag!

  2. Telisa

    This name tag is so cute!!! The only thing I would change is to some how put clear rubber sides on the tag were it wouldn’t be so loud. Maybe something like the military do on their dog tags.

  3. Abbey

  4. James

    This is the PERFECT gift for a dog and his or her best human. The quality and uniqueness are unmatched. We have purchased 2 sets of these over the last several years, and it’s always a favorite gift.

  5. Lauren

  6. Alayna B.

    5 stars

  7. Eddie T.

    In use as a dog tag on the collar. Has the important “if lost” information and people find it very entertaining. Incidentally, it is a real babe magnet (I’m 74 and my wife ordered this, so she does not mind.)

  8. Caroline Henderson

    Loved it! This was awesome. Ready and shipped super fast, too. My dad was very surprised and happy when he opened it on Christmas morning. Thanks for everything!

  9. Paul H.

    Great product. I Love that he is able to drive and get in bars now.

  10. Tim

    Excellent quality product with more than prompt service! Arrived much sooner than expected! Very pleased with this purchase . Will recommend it to anyone I think might be interested!

  11. Allie

  12. JenX

    Absolutely adorable ID tag for my Boston! I couldn’t stop laughing at how cute it is when it arrived. Very durable and perfect for my escape artist! Thanks so much!

  13. Ashley S.

  14. Nancy A.

    Perfect tag size.

  15. Deanna

    This is absolutely adorable! It turned out better than I could have ever hoped! Will have to purchase one for my other dog now!!

  16. Robin

    Looks like the real thing. Everyone gets a kick out of it.

  17. Brittany P.

    It turned out great! Even though the picture we chose didn’t have a good view of his chest, it still came out amazing!

  18. Megan M.

  19. HB

    Great idea and love the regular sized ID. The small ones are nice but near impossible to read from the small print. Still love them!

  20. Ann H.

    This is the coolest pet tag we have ever seen!! Highly recommended. Looks exactly like our states license. Even has a little heart on it as if the owner is an organ donor. And has every bit of info anyone would need to get your pet back to you safely!

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